Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning!

Okay folks!  We’re ready for you!  Are you ready for us??

BrooklynSilent (as part of the Brooklyn Wildlife Summer Festival) pairs new short films with up-and-coming musical artists who compose original scores to the films and perform them live alongside the films at the Festival!

On the night of the event, we will screen 8 films with the musicians playing along.  In the main room 2 great DJs will keep the dance party popping!

Awards will be presented midway through the band performances!

8 new Short Films from around the world with live scores!

La Pescadora (The Fishwerwoman) / Somer Bingham
Stamenigma / CENTVRY
Into Modern Times / Eliza and the Organix
Mrs. Mokemoke / The Grasping Straws
Fade to Black / OJ and The Yams
Tetregrammaton (The Sin) / Brent Butler
Black Light / The Nervous
The Secret to Eternal Love / Cedric Wilson

Corey Deckler / Producer, Executive Producer, A24 Films
Jesse Alick / Company Dramaturg, The Public Theater
Tracy Sayre / Director, The Womens Weekend Film Challenge and Festival
Chris Carr / Co-Founder Brooklyn Wildlife
Jamal / Composer, Performer, No Surrender
3 amazing musical showcases:
No Surrender
OJ and the Yams

Diego Del Sol

The Venue:
Bushwick’s The Well is an amazing beer bar with a back patio and great live room for performances!  There’s also hundreds of types of beer!

The Well / 272 Meserole St. Brooklyn, NY (L train to Montrose)

DOORS at 6. Bands at 7. Films at 9. DJs all night! / $20

Most Film Festivals charge you per screening or for a huge weekend pass – We throw the party in one night so everyone gets to party together on one glorious night!


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